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Choosing the Best Grill Mats in 2023

BBQ getaway is a pretty exciting event. You get ready to spend some time with those close to you and enjoy some delicious and juicy grilled food. However this exciting event could quickly be ruined by a very annoying and common problem – your food constantly falling through the grates. 

Yeah…we’ve been there, and know enraging it can be. While originally we believed that the major issue was the size of food, it later turned that this problem stems from the fact that we didn’t have a non-stick grill mat. 

This is an amazing and very useful appliance that will not only help you get rid of this annoying problem but will make your food a lot juicier and delicious. Moreover, having the best grill mat comes with several other benefits that make your cooking a lot easier and effective. And today, we wish to show you how to choose the most effective, best grill mat that will save you from extra work and hassle!

What is a Grill Mat?

A grill mat is a tool that has a non-stick surface that protects your grill from grease and dirt. Moreover, it will that will help keep your food in one place, so it won’t fall through the grates. 

One of the great things about the non-stick grill mat is that you can cook anything: vegetables, meat, scrambled eggs, fry the cheese and so much more. Plus, it’s a great option for those that keep an eye on their figure, since you don’t need oil when using the grill mat, since it holds all the moisture. 

All the best grill mats can withstand very high temperatures, up to 600 degrees. So, all of them are heat-resistant. Besides, despite their thickness, they can leave the grill lines where the grate is aligned under the grill mat.

What Are The Benefits Of Grill Mat?

The primary purpose of having an outdoor grill mat is that the food does not get charred or stick to the broiler. After all, tender foods can get stuck in the barbecue and catch flame. Thus having broiling sheets is a must. 

Moreover, all the best grill mats provide a plethora of benefits that will make your cooking a lot easier and better:

  • A high-quality mat can serve you for up to 5 years
  • You can cook without oil
  • Such a surface can work for propane grills, electric plates, and many more.
  • You can store your food in the mat, by rolling it in. That way the meal will be fresh and juicier for a longer period.
  • You can use it for baking and drying
  • All the best grill mats must withstand temperatures from -60 to +300 degrees
  • Also, grill mats are easy to clean and do not stick to surfaces

What Are Grill Mats Made From?

Grill mats are manufactured mostly from fiberglass. However, since this material is not suitable for cooking, the grill sheets are coated with polytetrafluoroethylene, commonly called PTFE. The non-inflammable, non reactive nature of this material makes it perfect for grilling under 500 degrees Fahrenheit.

Moreover, PTFE is a lot cheaper than the metallic barbecues commonly used, and the large size of the sheets allows you to make two coasters from one sheet. Plus, both sides of the barbecue sheet can be used for cooking.

Top 10 Best Grill Mats: Comparison Table

So let’s take a look at the top grill mats, that stand out among the rest with their amazing, high quality, and great properties.

  Size Thickness Recommendedmax temperature
Kona 16″ x 13″ 0.39mm 600 degrees
Grillaholics 15.75” x 13” n/a 500 degrees
Aoocan 15.75” x 13” n/a 500 degrees
Kona XL 25” x 17” 0.39mm 600 degrees
Kitchen + Home 15.75” x 13” n/a 500 degrees
Chef Caron 17” x 13” 0.25mm 500 degrees
RENOOK 15.75” x 13′ 0.2mm 400 degrees
Oscenlife 15.75” x 13” 0.25mm 500 degrees
Smaid 15.75” x 13” n/a 500 degrees
Laukingdom 15.75” x 13” 0.2mm 500 degrees

Best Overall: Kona Heavy Duty 600 Degree Non- Stick Mats (Set of 2)

kona grill mat

KONA Grill Mat is number one in our list and is the best grill mat. Its size is 16 x 13 x 0 in and it is developed by one of the leading manufacturers and offers a warranty of 7 years. The grill mat itself is a pretty thing, but surprisingly it can withstand very high temperatures up to 600 degrees thanks to the heavy material it is made of.

With this excellent grill mat you will enjoy the process of grilling more than ever. It’s all because your food will be healthy after cooking and you will be saved from a necessity to clean your grill. Barbecue grill mats by KONA are used worldwide and are very popular. This grill mat is suitable for all types of food including vegetables, sausages, meat, cheese. All the dishes can be cooked without any hassle.


  • Excellent size
  • Heavy non-stick material
  • Withstands high temperatures
  • This grill mat is easy to clean
  • Excellent 7-year warranty


  • Negative sides are not observed

Lifetime Warranty: Grillaholics Heavy Duty Grill Mat (Set of 2)

grillaholics bbq mat

Grillaholics offers a set of 2 grill mats and they occupy the 2nd stage in our TOP 10. These perfect mats can be used anywhere to cook various food on 2 grill mats outside. No matter, which type of bbq you have, these grill mats will be suitable and will allow you either to grill or to bake.

The most amazing thing about this product is that grill mat will save your food on the grill and won’t require you to bring extra efforts on cleaning the surface.

Grillaholics grill mat is developed using top-rated heat-resistant materials without any ingredients that are harmful for health. It may withstand 500 degrees temperature, that’s why this brand is preferred by many chefs from all over the world.


  • Can be used for multiple purposes
  • Is not harmful for heath
  • Doesn’t stick to surfaces
  • Goes in a set of 2
  • Can be used in a dishwasher
  • Lifetime warranty


  • Negative sides are not observed

LFGB Food-grade Certification: Aoocan Grill Mat Set for Gas, Charcoal, Electric Grills

aoocan grill mats

Aoocan Grill Mat Set of 5 appears on the 3rd place. These grill mats would be excellent for any type of the grill you have and are 100% reusable. Gas-powered, electric and charcoal devices would serve longer if you use this grill mat to cook your tasty dishes.

Each grill mat in this set can resist extremely hot temperatures from 300 to 500 degrees. Grill mats will easily protect your grill from dirt and food that may fall through the grates of the grill. Moreover, they are pretty easy to clean. Perfect materials used by the manufacturer to produce this type of grill mat will take care of the products you cook and of your stomach.


  • Perfect size
  • Heat-resistant
  • Works for any type of the grill
  • A set contains 5 grill mats
  • Is dishwasher safe


  • Absense of folding
  • Iron brush is not included

Generous Size: Kona XL Grill Mat


It’s high time to describe another product by Kona that is found on the 4th place in our review. This time it is Kona XL Grill Mat & Oven Liner – another finding from the same manufacturer. The peculiarity of this grill mat is that it can be cut depending on the size you need. 7-year warranty proves that the current mat can be reused and is able to resist the temperature of about 600 degrees.

What is also important, this grill mat is recommended by famous chefs. It means that the restaurants from all over the world use this grill mat to prepare top-notch dishes for their clients. Perfect size of the grill mat of 25 x 17 in is ready to fit any device. Nice design is a great plus and makes this product even more amazing.


  • Cool design
  • Grill mat can fit any device
  • Is easy to clean
  • Withstands 600-degree temperature
  • XL size that can be easily cut


  • Can’t be placed over charcoal directly

Best for Different Purposes: Kitchen + Home Grill Mats (Set of 2)

kitchen + home bbq mat

Kitchen + Home invented an excellent solution for people who want to cook meat, vegetables, pizza, burgers, etc. on the grill. You are offered to buy a set of 2 grill mats that will easily protect the grill’s surface from dirt and food parts. Both grill mats are developed using durable materials, able to resist heat and can be easily cleaned. It is not a secret that some of the grill mats go on releasing, smoke, bad odors and even chemicals, but with such perfect materials, you won’t experience any of these issues. Of course, they do not stick, are 15.75 x 13 in in size and fit any grill you have. That’s why Kitchen + Home grill mat is on the 5th place.


  • Are good for various grill types
  • Are absolutely durable
  • Can be used in a dishwasher
  • Can be used for multiple purposes


  • Disadvantages haven’t been observed

Best for Camping: Chef Caron Non Stick Grill Mat

chef caron grill mat

With this best grill mat your grill will be saved and will remain clean. It means that the process of bbq is going to be pleasant because you won’t be in a hurry with cleaning. The food doesn’t stick at all.

The peak temperature of these grill mats is about 500 degrees, it is the only thing to remember. Additionally, these excellent grill mats will be nice to use outside as they will take care of your food in order to keep in healthy. Top quality materials approved by FDA make it possible to be reused. In addition to all of the features described above, this Chef Caron grill mat is an ideal solution for presents as it fits any types of the grills without exclusions.


  • Do not stick to the grill
  • Keep food healthy and on board
  • Have excellent size
  • Approved by FDA


  • Cons are not found

Top Nonstick Properties: Renook BBQ Grill Mat Set of 3

renook grill mats

RENOOK offers a set of 3 perfect grill mats which are 15.75 x 13 inches in size. Each mat allows either to grill or to bake any type of food without problems. Thanks to a perfect size, it is possible to use this grill mat on any type of surface. Even if it appears to be too big, you can easily cut it up to the necessary. One more advantage is that the grill mat is suitable for gas-powered, charcoal and even electric grills. Remember, this excellent grill mat saves you from drips on the floor and on the grill’s surface. What can be better?


  • Good size
  • A perfect set of 3 grill mats
  • Can be easily wiped
  • Developed of top-notch materials
  • Absolutely heat-resistant


  • Negative sides are not observed

Thin Yet Effective: Oscenlife Grill Mat (Set of 2)

oscenlife bbq mats

A professional grill mat by OscenLife is the 8th in our rating. It is an ideal solution for all bbq lovers who do not want to find their food on the floor. This set of 2 grill mats is developed of 100% PTFE and delivers excellent grilling opportunities. The food that may remain on the grill after cooking will get to your mouth, not on the floor. Moreover, the grill mat can be used in Microwave Oven, Weber, Traeger, Char-Broil, Big Green Egg, Smoker, Electric Grill and other types of grills either electric or charcoal. May serve as an excellent gifting idea for people, who still don’t have this useful grill mat.

The grill mat itself is thin (around 0.25 mm), but still it remains a non-stick grill mat. You will be surprised with the results of cooking outside without any doubts. This grill mat gives the grill lines where the grate is aligned under the mat.


  • Can be used in multiple grilling and baking devices
  • Can be reused
  • Easy in cleaning
  • Approved by FDA
  • Recommended by professionals


  • Negative sides are not observed

Top Quality Materials: Smaid Grill Mats (Set of 4)

smaid bbq mats

This is a terrific set of 4 grill mats that appears on the 9th place in our rating of the best grill mats. Each mat is developed of PFOA free materials, which means that they won’t do any harm to your tasty food and won’t cause problems with heath. As all the other grill mats in our review, these ones are easy to clean and to use. The peak temperature for SMAID grill mat is 500 degrees, the food doesn’t stick at all. Thanks to lifetime guarantee from the manufacturer you can be sure that this grill mat will serve you for many years. Many owners of this grill mat noticed that they have been using it frequently during a long period of time and its look hadn’t been changed.


  • Set of 4 grill mats
  • Can be used for grilling and baking without oil and fats
  • Easy in cleaning
  • Heat-resistant up to 500 degrees
  • Helps to cook healthy dishes


  • Iron brush is not included
  • Direct contact with fire should be avoided

Easy Cuttable: Laukingdom Grill Mats (Set of 5)


LauKingdom finishes our review of TOP 10 grill mats in 2023. This set of 5 is a right decision and a perfect value when you tend to become healthier while cooking on the grill. This grill mat will take care of your food and grill at the same time and make your food tastier. Only imagine, your food doesn’t stick to the surface any longer! It’s good enough for steaks, pizza, cheese, vegetables, etc. and will fit any kind of the grill you have, be it pellet, charcoal or gas grill. Be sure that you will be impressed with the results of your cooking more than ever before. Despite the fact that this best grill mat looks and is thin, it really allows for fast heating and gives a chance of putting grill marks on your food. You won’t feel any silicone or plastic taste on your dishes and it is a great plus. This grill mat definitely delivers on its promise.


  • Perfect non-stick surface
  • Excellent set of grill mats
  • Can be reused
  • Dishwasher-safe
  • Heat-resistant


  • Negative sides of this grill mat are not observed

Features to Look for in Grill Mats

There are plenty of grill mats on the market and they all differ in quality, material, and size. And when you want to choose only the best grill mat, you need to pay attention to:


The size of the grill mat should match your grill. After all, if you choose a smaller size, it will not be able to fit all your food.  Meanwhile, the bigger grill mat can be more expensive.


It’s always best to look for the perfect size of a grill mat, which is 0.25 inches.

Ease of Cleaning

How easy the grilling mat to clean depends on the surface. All the best mats for grilling come in either smooth or rough surfaces, and the former is the better option since it’s easier to clean.

Maximum Temperature

All the best grill mats must withstand the temperature of up to 500 °F.

How to Use Grill Mats?

Grill mats are usually placed on the grill itself or inside an oven and the food is placed on it to cook. 

Here are some basic steps on how to use a barbecue mat:

  • Once the broiler is set, put one sheet over the metal girdles, or two side by side, if the equipment is larger.
  • The coasters should be uniformly thick, and no mat should be placed on top of another.
  • Now that the sheet has been positioned, you can safely put your food on it and broil like you usually do. 
  • After the food has been roasted completely, remove the coaster, let it cool, and then wash it. Now wipe it dry and store it in the provided container or lay it flat.

How to Clean Grill Mats?

Before you start cleaning the broiling sheets, you need to  Do not use metal utensils on barbecue coasters. Metal utensils are highly conductive of heat and can increase the temperature beyond 500 degrees. This erodes the PTFE layer by decomposing it. Using tools with silicone tips will work just fine. Now, how to clean them?

According to grill mat reviews, these are best cleaned with mild soap. Using a harsh dishwasher on them will corrode the PTFE layer. Do not use brushes with hard bristles, either. The ideal method to clean these is with mild soap and a gentle scrub with a hand.

Other Uses of Grill Mats

But are grill mats versatile? – You might wonder. Actually, yes! Here are some other purposes of the best grill mats:

  • You can use it as your cooking surface for any food. Provided the temperature of the oven or burner is set to lowest.
  • These work great as sheet liners for casserole dishes and baking pans.
  • If you are preparing something from sticky food materials like chocolate, you can use it instead of parchment paper.

Final Word

So overall, the best grill mats are a perfect choice not only for preventing your food from falling through grills, but also to make your food juicier and delicious. Moreover, these grilling mats are extremely versatile and can be used in so many ways: from baking to acting as sheet liners.

Thus, we sincerely hope that we’ve helped you learn all about the grill mats and what you need to pay attention to to choose the best one! 

So best of luck, and may this great appliance help make your BBQ a lot easier and your food a lot yummier!

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