The Best Grills for the Best BBQ

A famous chef Anthony Bourdain, once said: “Barbecue may not be a road to world peace, but it is a start”. And we couldn’t agree more. Whether you are a meat lover, a vegetarian, or a vegan, we’re certain that there is a specific grilled food that you’ll love. It’s pretty hard to find a person that hates BBQ, regardless of whether it’s meat or veggie BBQ food. Moreover, the interesting thing about BBQ is that people love it regardless of the country’s culture, age, religion, etc. Wherever you go, from Asia to America, you will find that this way of preparing food is one of the defining characteristics of a country’s cuisine. It also represents some sort of national pride and can tell you a lot about the culture and preferences.

And we have to say, there is something truly remarkable in the whole ritual of barbecuing.  Maybe it’s because smoke makes everything taste far better than when it is prepared in any other way. Or the fact that we are preparing food outdoors, surrounded by friends makes grilling and barbecuing special.

Some people say that the key to BBQ popularity lies in its simplicity. And several years ago, when we made our first BBQ party, we would have agreed with that. But the problem has proven that making good BBQ food is a lot harder than it seems.

Same as most people, we thought that if you want to make a good BBQ, you have to buy good quality meat. When we moved into our little house, we did that and called friends and family to join us in celebration. We unpacked the outdoor grill we got as a gift, cleaned and seasoned it properly. We started the fire, put the meat on the grate thinking we have done everything for the party to begin. The party was splendid alright. The food, however? Well, let’s just say that it wasn’t our best BBQ. See the thing is – half of the things we cooked were burned or nearly burned, and the other half was cooked on the side and raw in the center. What went wrong?

Oh my, it took us a while to figure it out. We went over literally every step several times in our heads. We were determined not to make grill or BBQ until we understand the mistake, but everything seemed in order. Then it crossed our minds that maybe it was about a grilling machine. People who got it for us don’t know much about it, as neither do we, or most people for that matter. So, they probably thought that all grills are good, as long as they just do their job and are affordable.

Fortunately, we’ve learned that not every grill machine is for every user and we need to get well informed before choosing the right one. So now, we wish to share that knowledge about types and grill brands, the differences, and advantages, and disadvantages and so many more with you. And hopefully, this will help you prevent any grilling/barbecuing incidents.

What Are Best Grills?

Naturally, when you want to do some grilling, you are looking into buying a grill. But when you are not a seasoned grill master or something, you get overwhelmed with how many different types and models of best grills exist on the market.  Making a choice seems utterly challenging in this situation, doesn’t it?

First, it is necessary to say that it is also a challenge to define the best model, regardless of whether it is an indoor or backyard grill. It depends on various factors. For example, the type of food you want to grill is quite significant.  Are you thinking about grilling large chunks of meat? Do you prefer a nice smoky flavor? If so, then maybe you are looking for the best charcoal grill. A gas grill also has a large cooking grate but it’s not an ideal choice for smoking. 

Then, something that plenty of people don’t even think about when choosing a grill is weather conditions. If you are living in an area with a moderate climate, this is not an issue. However, if you live somewhere where it gets really cold, you need to look for a machine with proper insulation. Matters like the height of the machine, accessories, etc., might also affect your decision. Nonetheless, ultimately only you can define the best grill because it is the one that can fully meet all of your needs. And to help you make a well-informed decision, we selected and described some of the best grills options.

Types of Grills

Best Charcoal Grills: Best Grill for BBQ

This is hands down the best BBQ grill. They might be a bit more demanding than their gas counterparts, but the results will be better because of the better construction, features, and accessories.  They are commonly two-zone grills. That means there is a direct, hot zone for browning and the searing and indirect zone where food takes more time to cook. The best charcoal grills usually have temperature control settings, dampers, thermometers, ash collectors. They come with cast iron grills. This type of grill is pretty affordable, so even if you get the one with the most accessories, it will still be a very economical choice.

Dual Fuel/Hybrid Grills: Best Grill for Adventurers

Hybrid grills are becoming incredibly popular these days. That is because they provide you will all the advantages of a gas grill, but with the smoky taste, you get from charcoal. Apart from that, they offer the possibility to cook on charcoal and gas simultaneously. That way, you can compare the results.  Best hybrid grills feature an LCD cooking timer, built-in lid thermometer, steel control panel for heat settings. Apart from that, you will get one to three stainless steel burners. Plus the entire cooking area is made of porcelain-coated cast iron. Some models also have condiment baskets and additional shelves.

Best Propane Grills and Gas Grills: Eco-Friendly Grilling

Sometimes people think that propane grill and natural gas grill are pretty much the same. However, propane models require propane gas which comes with more energy than the natural counterpart. This type of grill is a powerful machine that heats up pretty quickly. Thus it is remarkably efficient for grilling and barbecuing.  Best models often have multi-zone cooking and indirect heating.  Moreover, the models that operate on natural gas require you to have a gas installation at home, which may be an enormous investment. However, they are super easy to clean and as environmentally friendly as propane models.

Best Electric Grills: For Healthy Grilling

The main thing about an electric grill is that, as the name suggests, they require electricity to function. Just plug it into an outlet and turn it on –  the grate will start heating up. What’s more, these are cost-effective machines since you don’t have to buy charcoal or replace a propane tank. Since they operate on electric power, they don’t emit carbon monoxide. Electric grills come with a simple to use temperature setting, and they are super easy to clean.  Since it is smaller than gas and charcoal models, they make an amazing portable grill.

Best Pellet Grills: For Smoked Meat Lovers

Pellet grill or smoker is usually stainless steel grill, and their main benefit is convection cooking. That means that food is surrounded by hot air and smoke while it’s being cooked. These grills also cook the food evenly and keep it very juicy and delicious. Overall, pellet grills are a perfect choice for people who want that their food has a real wood smoke flavor. Just remember that when you’re looking for the best pellet grill, search for the one that has the direct flame option, a big hopper for a long smoke, and a cover. Ideally, try to find a model with a glass view in the hopper so you can check what is happening inside without removing the lid.

Cheap Grills: Budget-Friendly BBQ

You don’t have to break a bank trying to find a good grill, since there are so many fantastic machines for an affordable price, even for less than $200. Some of the best cheap grills are propane-fueled machines that come with two burners. Also, remember that it’s best to get those with porcelain-coated grates, and keep in mind that you can find the best portable grill among cheap models too.


As you can see, there are plenty of grill machines out there. All models come with some specific features which can place them on top of the list of best grills 2023. The critical thing when you are buying the grill is to know exactly what you want you to need and want.

Overall, remember that the results will be different depending on whether you are cooking meat on a charcoal or pellet grill. Apart from that, you also have to consider your budget, as prices can differ depending on the type and model you choose. So hopefully we’ve cleared out the differences between grills and now nothing is stopping you from joining us on our site, to learn all about the BBQ world, and how you can make your grilling 10 times more effective and delicious! And remember – don’t let anything stop you from enjoying some mouthwatering, juicy BBQ food!