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Everything You Need to Know About the Best Grills Under 300

We have carved this buying guide that will help you choose the best affordable gas grills under 300 available on the market. So, delve into the article to know more about the top grills under 300!

Is it Possible to Buy a Good Quality Gas Grill for 300 Dollars?

Well, yes, buying a gas grill at this price is absolutely possible! Although you might not get a huge range of fancy features, you will get one that works fine enough to cook delicious grilled meals. Following our guide, you can purchase a BBQ grill under 300 that offers you a great cooking experience!

How to Choose the Best Gas Grill Under 300?

BTU Level or Heat Flux

BTU or British Thermal Unit is a unit used in measuring the amount of heat required to raise the temperature of 1 pound water at its greatest density by 1°F. The BTU rating is a very important deciding factor of the time required to grill the meat when placed on the cooking surface. 

The ratio of BTU per square inch of the cooking surface is known as the heat flux. An optimum balance between the cooking space and the BTU rating is very important for getting quick results while grilling. In case you want more cooking space, gas grills under $500 with a high BTU rating will be perfect for you! 

Also, apart from the BTU and heat flux, it is important that you cook food at a safe temperature. For instance, meat should always be cooked at a temperature ranging from 145° to 170°F. 

Grill Size

The size must be chosen in accordance with the space available to you. If you end up choosing a size that will fit nowhere in your house or backyard, then surely it’s going to bring you a lot of trouble.

If you are an apartment owner with a small balcony or a compact patio space, then a small propane grill under 300 will be the best for you. It fits almost everywhere and cooks great quality meat!

Cooking Size Area and Number of Burners

The cooking space depends on how much grilling you want to do at a time. If you are planning to cook just for your family, then a 300 square inches gas grill under $200 will be enough for you. For huge gatherings, we would recommend investing in a 450 to 500 square inches BBQ.

A small and cheap BBQ with less than 4 burners will allow you to cook 15 to 18 burgers at a time. Larger grills with more than 5 burners will allow you to cook around 20 to 30 burgers at once. Therefore, choose as per your needs!

Grill Grates Material

  • Porcelain-enameled cast-iron: This material can retain heat for a long time. If you want a bold sear mark, this is the perfect material for you.
  • Stainless steel: If you take proper care of this material, then it will last the longest than other materials.
  • Porcelain-enameled steel: With this material, you will get basic-style grates that are easy to maintain and clean.


If you are planning to invest in a BBQ for travel purposes, then make sure it is portable enough. For portability, features like small size, cleanout system, and fast heating are a must. Therefore, make sure you choose a portable BBQ that has these features and more!

Other Features

  • Shelves and Storage Space: It is always suggested that you buy an inexpensive BBQ that has enough storage space to accommodate the cooking essentials. 
  • Automatic Ignition: This feature helps you turn on the burner faster. Also, it will save you from carrying a lighter everywhere.
  • Quality Lid: The lid of the gas grill under $300 must be good enough to prevent heat escape.
  • Flame Tamers: The flame tamer must be made of stainless steel or porcelain steel. Steel tamers are durable and easy to clean.
  • Side Burners, Rotisserie, and Warming Rack: These features will make the grilling process hassle-free and also help you keep the food warm for a long time.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Important Tips for Using Gas Grills?

According to the gas grills under 300 reviews, the basic safety tips are:

  • Check for propane leaks as per the information provided in the manufacturer’s guide.
  • Always replace the tanks after they run out of propane.
  • Allow all parts of the BBQ to cool down before covering it.

How to Maintain the BBQ?

You can easily maintain the best grill under 300 by following the tips below:

  • The housing of the equipment must be cleaned before each use.
  • Also, clean the burners and tubes as per the manufacturer’s guide.
  • Pay attention to the proper cleaning of the grates and briquettes.
  • Keep an eye on the fuel content of the BBQ.

Can a BBQ be Used Indoors?

We would recommend you not use an outdoor propane BBQ indoors as it releases carbon monoxide which is not good for health. You must keep the propane tank outside and place the grill in a well-ventilated room while cooking.

What is the Durability of a Gas Grill?

According to the gas grill under 300 reviews, most of them last for around 5 to 10 years. It depends a lot on the maintenance as well. Therefore, make sure you clean, oil, and cover the parts well to increase the durability.

Verdict and Recommendations 2020

We hope this article was able to help you know a lot about the best gas grills under 300 2020. Now that you know the exact features to look for, when are you planning to invest in a new gas grill? Do let us know!

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