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Gifts to Give Meat Smokers: A Comprehensive Guide

So you must be thinking to yourself what exactly you can gift someone whose religion is smoke, fire and juicy tender meat? Well believe it or not you have plenty of gifts for meat smokers you can choose from, especially in the USA where there are a few things that screams “American” as a summertime barbecue party. So, here are some smoker gift ideas.

Heat-resistant gloves

This one of the most important BBQ smoker gifts that is out there. It is compulsory to wear gloves while smoking food, because burns happen too easily and too frequently. Any good heat-resistant gloves would be made of aramid material, which can withstand upto 932°F of heat, so don’t delay and start looking for the perfect pair! 


This is just a tailor-made smoker gift for dad.  Daddy needs to feel like a pro when he is preparing the perfect BBQ for the family, and an apron will help him feel just that! The purpose of an apron is not just to look like a professional, but as things can get real messy while cooking, an apron helps protect the clothes, so that dad doesn’t have to go through the trouble of changing his clothes again when it is family supper time! 

Branded Hats and Tees

Talking about looking good, one can never go wrong with some branded hats and tees. As far as smoker accessory gifts are concerned, not to play the fashion police here, but a quintessential BBQ costume is incomplete without some casual tees and a hat. And while you are at it, why not pick some branded items, you want it to be a perfect BBQ gift right?

BBQ Thermometers

Is the smoker in your family a perfectionist? Then they probably make sure that the food is served at the perfect temperature at all times.Normally the safe minimum cooking temperatures are 160-165° F. There are WiFi BBQ thermometers available in the market which would be the perfect gift for them! These thermometers can switch from Celsius to Fahrenheit in seconds and ensures that your meat is served the right kind of hot! 

Meat Tenderizers

Who doesn’t want their meat to be tender? And sometimes it can be quite a tricky job. Which is why a great meat smoker gift idea would be a meat tenderizer. There are a plethora of choices of tenderizers to choose from. The traditional one can be a little heavy and difficult to use and could potentially ruin a good meat cut. So we would suggest you settle for a modern electronic one.

Sauces and Sauce Making Kits

It is common knowledge that without hot sauce BBQ is incomplete. It’s just not the same without it! It first originated in American colonies in the 17th centuries and from then it has been part and parcel of every BBQ meal. 

What would make it one of the perfect gifts for meat smokers is by adding a sauce making kit in the mix. Why buy sauce when you can make your own? And we can bet our money on it, that any cook worth their salt would love this present! 

Books About Smoking Meat

No matter what the skill is, there is no end to learning and there are always new methods and details to pick up on the way. This is why a new book on smoking techniques and recipes is one of the best gifts you can give to a meat smoker. There are plenty of amazing books available on this subject.You just have to find the right one your own personal chef at home. All of these books are bound to up everyone’s smoking game. When it comes to cooking, flavour is power. Go ahead give this gift power to your loved one! 

Smoker Cleaning Equipment

Any good chef will know that the smoker grill has to be kept clean. But it is always a hard job and is not always a pleasant task either. There can be a lot of residues after a long day of BBQ-ing that needs to be cleaned from the grill grates and other sections, it can be quite hectic, and no one really wants to indulge in tit after a nice evening in the backyard. 

Hence cleaning equipment will make tha job considerably easier and any meat smoke lover would see it as a blessing. 


Now that you have a fair idea about what to give your fellow BBQ chef this holiday, make sure to do some research on reliable brands and functionality of products that you might choose as gifts for meat smokers. And you are good to go, imagine all the good BBQ meat that is about to come your way!

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