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Your One-stop Guide to Delta Heat Grill

Most Americans prefer gas grills to upgrade their outdoor kitchen and enhance their cooking experience. In fact, Hearth, Patio and Barbeque Association (HPBA) discovered in 2023 that 61% of US grill owners have gas models. People love gas grills for the high-quality food they make, how simple they are to use as well as how convenient gas grill are in the long run. After all, you don’t need to spend extra money on the fuel, and can just use gas from your domestic supply, saving money and trouble of starting the fire, keep an eye on temperature e.t.c.

However, what’s stopping some people from getting this type of grill is the price. True, a decent outdoor grill can be expensive. However, that is not always the case, and with some research, you can find a brand that sells premium-quality products for an affordable price. And one of such brands is Delta Heat. A lot of people praise this brand for its sleek design, easy controls, and pretty affordable prices. But is it as great as people claim it to be, or does it has some cons? That is what we’ll take a look at in more detail in today’s Delta Heat Grill review!

Delta Heat: A Brief Brand Overview

Delta Heat Grill brought to you by award-winning gas engineer Dante Cantal. He has developed and evolved both commercial and residential cooking equipment for more than 30 years, and each of his creations is known for their high-quality. 

And these years of experience were put to good use since every year the Delta Heat Grills receive better upgrades in design, performance and provide easier controls so that even the beginners have no trouble navigating this grill.

Delta Heat Grill Line-up

Delta Heat offers grill heads or built in bbq grill in three sizes. This product line is called premier and you have the option to choose from the available sizes: 26”, 32”, and 38”. If you prefer portability the company also offers freestanding premier grills.

The 26” gas grills have two burners. The larger 32” and 38” propane grills have three burners and provide a larger cooking space. Moreover, the 32” and 38” delta heat grills also come with an optional rotisserie back burner or infrared sear burner.

Delta Heat offers standard quality products on par with some of the best grills under 500 or more. However, what sets them apart is the fact that the Delta Heat gas grills also come with a lifetime warranty.

With that said, let’s now compare all three size variants of Delta Heat gas grill:

  26” 32” 38”
Fuel used Liquid Propane and Natural Gas Liquid Propane and Natural Gas Liquid Propane and Natural Gas
Size 26”W × 24.6″ D × 23.25”H 32”W × 24.5D × 23.25”H 38”W × 24.5″ D × 23.25”H
Weight of the grill 125lbs 175lbs 220lbs
Standing cart Built-in or Free-Standing Built-in or Free-Standing Built-in or Free-Standing
Exterior 304 Stainless Steel 304 Stainless Steel 304 Stainless Steel
How many Main Burners 2 3 3
BTU 33000 49500 49500
Cooking Grate Made of Stainless Steel Stainless Steel Stainless Steel
Grilling zone Area 420 sq. in. 525 sq. in. 625 sq. in.
Secondary Grilling Area 189 sq. in. 239 sq. in. 288 sq. in.
Are Updates available? Not Available Rotisserie backburner and/or infrared sear burner Rotisserie backburner and/or infrared sear burner

Delta Heat Gas Grills Detailed Review

So with that said, let’s now get to the major point of our Delta Heat Grill review, and see what can be said about these amazing devices and what can they offer:

Build Quality

The Delta Heat Gas Grill models are made from 304 stainless steel which is tough, rust-free, and durable. One thing we’ve noticed while creating these delta heat 32 grill reviews is that you don’t have to put a lot of effort into maintenance. That is why these gas grills have welded construction, hence, no gaps for moisture and grease to accumulate.


Delta Heat grills feature innovative designs like the double-walled lids for better retention of heat inside the cooking chamber – a great option for winter. The outer surface area and the attached handle also stay cool because the double lining stops the heat from escaping.

Delta Heat Grills also have built-in halogen lights that illuminate the entire cooking area if you’re making a meal after sundown. And the turning knobs have rear-ended blue LED lights, which make the grill dazzle.

Cooking Space

One of the things the Delta heat gas grill models have in common with some of the best propane grills is that they’re mostly made of stainless steel cooking grates. That makes them durable and easy to maintain. Moreover, a lot of delta heat 26 grill reviews from users appreciate the large cooking area that spans 420 square inches. So you can easily prepare a meal for four people at one go. The 32” gas grill has 525 sq inches of main cooking area and the 38” has 625 sq inches of the same.

Ignition System

The Delta Heat Grills have 9V continuous spark igniters which are reliable and easy to use. You need to push the knob until you hear the spark and then adjust the knob according to whichever temperature you want.


The Delta Heat 26” Gas Grill comes with two U-shaped burners with 33000 BTU. The two other sizes have three U burners with a BTU of 49500. However, you may choose to install a rotisserie backburner which will add another 13000 BTU.

With the total amount of BTU, double-walled lid, and ceramic briquettes flame tamers the Delta Heat Grills can heat up to high temperatures quickly.


The three models of the Delta Heat Grills are also available in cart-style freestanding versions. The 32” and 38” carts have two doors to access the propane tank from the front while for the 26” version you need to access the tank from behind.

Available Upgrades

The two available upgrades for the Delta Heat Grills are the rotisserie back burner and the infrared sear burner.


The stainless steel body and burners are covered under a lifetime warranty. The cooking grates have a 15-year warranty, and the flame tamers and gas valves have a 5-year warranty. The rest of the Delta Heat grill has 2 years warranty, plus the company repairs/replace any defective parts within one year from the date of purchase.

Overall Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
• Delta Heat Grills are very user friendly
• These gas grills have a tough and durable build
• Comes with a straightforward ignition
• Delta Heat Grills have a sleek and attractive design
• It has an integrated analog temperature gauge
• Supports various accessories and add-ons
• Some models might be difficult to clean
• The grills are difficult to install and move

Notable Alternatives to Delta Heat Grills

We’ve also decided to make some gas grill reviews for you to compare the features of the best outdoor built in grills in the market:

Lynx Sedona

Lynx, a high-end grill manufacturer came out with the Lynx Sedona series in 2013. Moreover, and a lot of Delta Heat 38 grill reviews often bring up Lynx as the main competitor of this model, since it’s affordable, and makes your cooking a lot easier.

And very sturdy too, since Lynx Sedona is made of grade 201 stainless steel. However, do keep in mind that their rotisserie is available in only one position.

Blaze Grills

The Limited or LTE series by Blaze is a direct competitor of Delta Heat. The Blaze grills have more cooking power than Delta Heat because its 32” grill features a 4 burner set up, and the 40” grill model has 5 burners.

Best product: Blaze Grills 32-Inch Built-In 4-Burner Natural Gas Grill

Artisan Grill

Artisan has two product lines like the Delta Heat grills – American Eagle and the Professional. They both have a 304 – stainless steel body, a continuous spark ignition system, and ceramic flame tamers like the Delta Heat.

On the other hand, the American Eagle grill has no upgrades. Moreover, the more expensive Professional grill supports the upgrade of the rotisserie back burner. But, not the sear burner.

Best products: Artisan American Eagle Series 36-Inch Gas Grill, Artisan Professional Series 36-Inch Built-in Gas Grill


Weber is an established grill brand that focuses more on standalone grills. Both of their most popular models that can compete with Delta Heat are S-460 and S-660. And the major difference between the two is the fact that the S-460 has 4 burners and 468 sq inches of cooking area. Meanwhile, the S-660 has 6 burners and provides 624 sq inches of space.

Best products: Weber Summit S-460 Built-In Natural Gas, Weber Summit S-660 Built-In Natural Gas Grill

Final Word

So all and all, we can certainly say that the Delta Heat grills are an excellent choice for anyone – beginner or pro. These grills are very affordable and offer a great cooking experience with their great controls and durability. Moreover, the Delta Heat grill is pretty easy to set up your outdoor kitchen, even if you’re on a budget. 

So with that said, we sincerely hope that our Delta heat grill review 2023 helped you learn all about these great gas grills. So keep in mind all the features of these grills, and consider whether they would be the best choice for your next BBQ getaway!

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