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Types of Beef Roasts

Beef remains the 3rd most popular deli meat in the USA, and we can’t say that’s surprising. After all, this type of meat not only tastes good but also has plenty of health benefits. So naturally, people invent and look up for more and more ways to make this meat taste even better – and roasting remains the most popular way to do it.

However, what not everyone realizes, is that there is more than one way to roast the beef. So that begs the question – then what is the best beef roast?

So, we’ve decided to investigate this topic in more depth and are now ready to share with you the different types of beef roasts and the best beef roasts cut that you can choose.

What Are the Most Common Beef Roasts?

Different cut demands a different way of cooking as the muscles are not equally worked in the body of an animal and thus the tenderness will vary. The labels in the butcher’s shop could be really confusing and that is precisely why this article is gonna be of utmost help to you. Read on to find out the most common types of beef roasts.

Chuck Roast

This cut is derived from the cow’s shoulder. Since the shoulder has been exercised quite a lot in the cow’s lifetime, the muscles over here are bound to be rougher but also juicy. They also have a layer of fat and that makes this cut best for a hamburger. Besides that, it is suitable for pot roast and stew. Boston cut and cross-cut are other roast cuts from the chuck.

Eye of Round Roast

This one is cut from the front leg of a heifer or steer. While it may look tender, this type of cut meat is actually tough and lean because it is cut from a well-exercised muscle. And a lot of people often ask – is eye round roast a good cut of beef? Well, if cooked well, this cut is very good and provides only the most delicious taste.

Rib Roast

As the name suggests, it is cut from the rib area. Rolled rib roast and standing rib roast are the most common ones. They are used in all restaurants and banquets.

Top Round Roast

Cut from the upper thigh of the cow, the top round roast cut is the most tender roast you can ask for. It is the softest cut and can be cooked in several ways.

Rump Roast

This cut is lean and flavourful at the same time. However, it can be really tough to chew if not cooked well. Thus, always make sure to cook this beef roast at the proper temperature. The latter depends on how much meat you have and how well made you like your dish to be.

Sirloin Tip Roast

Sirloin is another cut that is lean and tough and must be cooked in a proper way to bring out all the flavor along with making it soft enough.

A Comprehensive Summary Chart

Roast cut Properties  Best way to cook
Chuck roast Flavorful with some connective tissues Dry-roast; pot-roasting
Eye of round roast Tough and lean meat Dry-roast
Rib roast  Flavorful and lean meat Pot-roast or dry roast to medium-rare
Top round roast Uniform grain and no or very less connective tissues. Very lean cut Best for pot roast or grill
Rump roast Lean and flavourful.  Best to cook in a deep bottomed pot for a long time on low heat
Sirloin tip roast  Flavorful but not very tender On low heat

Beef Roasts Explained

Dry Roasting

Dry roasting refers to the process of cooking which involves using moist or dry heat. These tender cuts come off really great when dry-roasted. And if you combine high and low temperatures while cooking, it will bring out the best results in dry roasting.

Tips for Dry Roasting

  • The temperature plays an immensely important role in dry-roasting the best beef roast. For rare settle with 135 degrees F for rare, 145 for medium-rare and 155 is you want a medium
  • Searing is the key to bring out the flavors
  • Let the juices incorporate after cooked

Pot Roasting

Pot roasting is great for rump and chuck cuts. It is also suitable for cuts that have fat in them since braising is easier in a pot and that adds the heavenly flavor to the beef. Moreover, pots are best for slow cooking the tough meat, since you can put everything in a pot and leave it to cook.

Tips for Pot Roasting

  • Maintain low temperature (250 F)
  • Tightly cover the pot
  • The pot should not be absolutely dry at any point


Eye of round and top sirloin are considered some of the best meats to smoke. Plus, grilling is one of the most sumptuous ways to cook beef. Just keep in mind that grilling can be a little challenging for beginners, but with practice, anyone can master the art.

Tips for Grilling

  • Brush oil before roasting
  • Use tongs
  • Marinate if you are using less tender cuts
  • Sear on all sides

Final Words

So what more can we say? – All these types of beef roasts will make every BBQ getaway unforgettable and worthwhile IF you properly cook these beef roasts. 

So make sure to learn all you can about how to prepare a certain roast the right way, check out some beef roast recipes, and start cooking this yummy food! 

Best of luck, and don’t forget to share in the comments some beef roasts tips with fellow BBQ lovers!

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