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Traeger Texas Elite Pellet Grill 34: An Ultimate Review

Considering that the annual sales growth of the pellet grills is 9.1% and rising, it’s safe to say that these cooking devices are one of the most popular in the USA. Of course, such popularity also means that the market is filled with so many brands and options to choose from. On one hand, having a lot of options to choose from is always good, so you can make a proper choice. But on the other is the difficulty of that same choice. There are so many brands that you can get lost pretty easily. 

In that case, it’s best to first reduce your option to the brand. And if you take a look at a lot of pellet grill reviews from users, a lot would recommend the Traeger brand. And we agree, this IS a good brand.

Traeger pellet grills use all-natural hardwood, combine the authentic smoky flavor and allow for easy and convenient cooking. So you don’t have to constantly keep an eye on your grill, and focus on your other work. And one of the Traeger models that stands out most is the Traeger Texas Elite Pellet Grill 34.

It has amazing features, impressive design and it’s pretty affordable – but what more can be said about this pellet grill that some claim to be the best of the Traeger brand? Let’s find out!

What is Traeger Brand?

In 1985 the creator of the brand, Joe Traeger decided to start working on his own appliance, after his gas grill caught fire. This accident caused the man to try to create a grill that would use wood pellets, and be safe from such incidents. And wouldn’t you know it in 1988 he already sold his first pellet grill and quickly started to gain popularity? 

Nowadays the Traeger brand has only improved and has some impressive and high-quality products, that are often named some of the best pellet grills under 1000. Plus, according to a lot of Traeger pellet grill reviews, the company manufactures some really superior machines, in terms of both material and performance. And one such great device that a lot of people love is the Traeger Texas Elite pellet grill 34, about which we will talk about next, in more detail.

Traeger Texas Elite Pellet Grill 34 Key Features

Wide Cooking Surface 

The Traeger Texas Elite pellet grill 34 provides you with a cooking surface of 646 sq. inches. This alone is an amazing feature that makes this pellet grill perfect for parties, BBQ getaways, or just when you love a bigger meal. Plus, this pellet grill has an amazing digital control that allows for even and good cooking. You can adjust the temperature anywhere between 150 to 450 Fahrenheit.

6 Cooking Options

Most pellet grill reviews establish that people wish for diverse cooking options, and the Texas Elite provides just that. You can do anything – right from grill to saute, barbeque, baking, and braising. Since wood pellets make smoking and roasting very even and convenient, people decide to go with the Traeger Texas Elite pellet grill 34 for this function and many more.

Easy To Use Controls 

The unit has a digital display and big dials that help you understand how the device functions very easily. That is what makes Traeger Texas Elite 34 a favorite among beginners and pros alike.

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Traeger Texas Elite 34 Grill In-depth

Key Specs

Cooking area  646 sq. inch
Hopper capacity  12 to 19 pounds 
Weight  150 pounds 
Dimensions  22 x 54 x 49 inches 
Warranty  3 years 

Construction and Ease of Assembly

Traeger Texas Elite 34 TFB65 is known for its high-quality and sturdy construction. It’s made of premium materials: the metals are thick and the fasteners are robust.

Given the size and features of this pellet grill, the assembly is rather easy, but not as easy as a kettle grill. The manual of instructions comes with an extensive guide and most pats can be assembled either by hands or with the help of some simple tools. However, be careful while you’re unpacking the parts, because the enamel glazed and powder coated parts may get damaged.

Grilling Performance

The Traeger Texas Elite grill works by the production and circulation of indirect heat. It is capable of taking the heat higher than 400 degrees. And most importantly, the meat is, however, not cooked on an open flame. Instead, the heat is generated when a heat deflector buffers the flame.

And such indirect heat is greatly appreciated among the BBQ enthusiasts. Because it saves on fuel (that is non-renewable)  which is a necessity in today’s world. Of course, you can choose your type of fuel but remember that pellets are the most convenient. It can also achieve the highest temperature and make different dishes with various pots and pans placed on it.

Auto Start and Shut Down Cycle

The Traeger grill has an easy on and off system that makes it easy for beginners to use. It also has a safety shutdown which is another convenient and safe feature that will protect you from unpleasant accidents.


Treager Texas Elite 34 wood pellet grill comes with a warranty of three years. This means that your investment will not go in vain. 

Overall Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
• Indirect heating with versatile techniques
• Efficient
• Eligible for creating competition level bbq
• Can be used for smoking, braising, roasting and baking
• Comes with a 3 year warranty
• Fails to sear like direct grills
• Difficult to clean
• Pellets are costlier than charcoal

Notable Alternatives 

Rec Tec RT700

Rec Tec vs Traeger is an ongoing debate as both give each other the best competition. They are among the most top-rated grills currently available on the market. 

And Rec Tec has an even wider and longer cooking surface which enables it to prepare a lot of food in one go. But at the same time, it costs more than Traeger.

GMG Davy Crockett

This one is smaller and works great with small gatherings or a group of people. Its thermal sensor is a great feature, as it constantly monitors the temperature.  It is made up of steel and costs less than Traeger. However, if you’re looking for something bigger and sturdier, consider other options.

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Reasons to Buy Traeger Texas Elite Pellet Grill 34

  • Traeger TFB65LZB cooks the meat perfectly every time. 
  • Easy to control the heat and temperature. 
  • Minimizes combustion.
  • Eliminates the risk of a fire hazard.
  • Easy to assemble and use.
  • Can cater to a medium-sized party.
  • Can be used for multiple cooking processes.

Reasons Not to Buy Traeger Texas Elite Pellet Grill 34

  • According to the Traeger Texas Elite reviews, some other models have 650 as their highest temperature whereas this one only goes up to 450 degrees. 
  • Does not come with a decent grill cover.

Final Word

When we were creating these Traeger Texas Elite Pellet Grill reviews 2021, the one thing that became clear to us is that this pellet grill is one of the best in the Traeger brand. It offers amazing grilling performance, gives a large cooking surface, and is very easy to use, regardless of whether you’re a pro or beginner. 

Thus keep in mind the features the Traeger Texas Elite Pellet Grill 34 provides, and consider whether this model is right for you!

And whichever model you decide to go with, we wish you all the best, and don’t hesitate to share with us which pellet grill you would recommend and why!

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