Nexgrill Brand and Products: An Ultimate Review

For a long time, we believe that barbecuing is purely an American thing. But traveling around Europe (both East and West) made us realize that we all love the same things. Now, we don’t know about you, but after eating BBQ in different parts of the U.S and the world, we concluded that the grill itself plays an equally significant role in the quality of food, as the type of meat, veggies, etc. It was surprisingly alright, but we have experienced firsthand what it means when people use inadequate grills.

At the same time, it is clear that many people, including us, have no idea how to choose the right grill. Hence we decided to investigate, browse for some info and consult experts to figure out how to choose a great model. And since we opted for Nexgrill BBQ and decided to write these Nexgrill reviews to share with you some information that helped us choose. Hopefully, it will help you!

Nexgrill Brand & Product Line Overview

Before we start looking deeper into Nexgrill features, let’s take moment to learn more about this brand and product line. So who makes Nexgrill? Well, it is a company called Nexgrill Industries, founded in 1993 in Chino, California. They manufacture different models of stainless steel gas grills, indoor and outdoor hardware products, and other outdoor kitchen appliances such as kitchen prep carts, stainless steel patio heaters, outdoor fire pits, etc. 

Nexgrills are also impressive because they come with side burners, amazing energy capacities, multiple heat zones, etc.  Keep in mind, though, that they come under other names too. Some of the common names are Grill Master, Jenn Air, Kitchen Aid, Member’s Mark, etc.

Is Nexgrill Better Than Weber?

  Nexgrill Evolution Weber 44010001 Spirit II E-210
Cooking Area 450 sq (385 sq cooking area and 65 warming racks. 450sq
Heat Output 28,000 BTU/hr 26,500 BTU/hr
Weight 100.6 pounds 103 pounds
Color Stainless Black
Warranty 8 years 10 years

Grill Area

As you could see from the table above, Nexgrill comes with the same cooking area as Weber. It has foldable sides for people who don’t have so much space outside.  The grill area is 450 sq – 385 for the cooking area and 65 sq for warming racks. And the biggest difference is that Weber comes with a 90sq  of warming rack.

BTUs and Overall Performance

Comparing Nexgrill vs. Weber, we see the first one comes with two burners that produce heat of 28,000 British thermal units, BTUs per hour. Keep in mind that this is a corrosion-resistant grill and it functions perfectly. There are natural and propane gas models, but we prefer natural gas. Weber grills produce 26, 500 BTUs heat output, which is an incredible 1, 500 BTUs less than Nexgrills.  If high heat is a factor for you then it is more than clear that Nexgrill evolution should be your choice.

Technologies Used

Still, wondering is Nexgrill a good brand? Okay, let’s try to answer like this. It comes with infrared technology and plates that allow for slower cooking on indirect heat. The grate is made of porcelain cast iron which offers the best heat retention. This is important for people who want sear marks on their steaks and burgers.  It also comes with electronic ignition. The grate on Weber grills is made of enameled cast iron, which makes this model perfect for delicate food. But you can still get sear marks because of the wider sides and Gs4 grilling system. it comes with a folding side table, warming rack, stainless steel heat deflector, etc.


We are sure all of you are interested in price differences. In that case, you need to know that Weber costs more than Nexgrill 2 burner grill. Meanwhile, the later model is usually cheaper, and you can often find it among other gas grills under 300

Which is Better Blackstone or Nexgrill

  Blackstone Nexgrill
Cooking Area 720 sq inches 732 sq inches
Heat Output 60,000 BTUs 40,000 BTUs
Warranty 1 year  but it can go up to 3 years Varies from 1-3 years, depending on where you buy it

Cooking Surface

Okay, while doing our gas grill reviews, we’ve found out two things we need to consider when looking at the cooking surface. 

One thing is, of course, the size. If you are often cooking for a lot of people, you should go for a machine that has a big cooking area, and vice versa. And according to Nexgrill ratings, this model has a cooking area of 732 sq inches. Meanwhile, Blackstone comes with an area of 720 sq inches. So generally, in this respect, it doesn’t matter which one you choose.  

Then there is a question of materials used for the grill grate. We generally deed Nexgrill quality as very high because it comes with a stainless steel grate. Stainless steel heats up evenly and quickly. It is also easy to clean as it is a nonstick material. The grate on the Blackstone grill is made of carbon steel. However, the two materials are very similar. Stainless steel is more resistant to rust but less to wear and tear. But carbon steel is more durable but corrodes more easily.

Heat Output

According to a lot of Nexgrill 4 burner reviews from users, this model produces heat of 40, 000 BTUs. That means that each burner creates 10, 000 BTUs. Blackstone griddle, however, creates 60, 000 which makes it a winner in this case. If you want a Nexgrill alternative, you need to look for Nexgrill 6 burner model to get the same results.

Essential Things to Look For in Grills and Griddles


While creating our gas grill reviews, we’ve learned that the more BTUs the burner produces, the better and faster it will cook the food. However, more than on BTUs, you should focus on the heat flux range. If it is anywhere between 80 and 100, you can ensure that the grill will warm up quickly and maintain a good temperature.

Infrared Cooking

We recommend everyone to look for a Nextgrill BBQ with an infrared cooking option. It is an excellent feature, especially if you want your food to have sears. Besides that, cooking with this option is more energy efficient.


Do you feel that you are always missing a bit of extra storage on your grill? Are you not the only one? Hence look for a model that offers plenty of extra storage such as side trays, under-grill cabinets, etc.

Wrapping Up: Is Nexgrill Worth It?

Okay, so you are still wondering if Nexgrill quality is worth it?! We can say that in our opinion – yes! There is a wide selection of these grills, and we are pretty sure you can find something that will suit your needs. Indeed they all share the same issues, such as less durable grate, etc.  However, they are good bang for the buck.

How Long Does a Nexgrill Last?

Well, it is safe to say that it depends on how often you use Nextgrill BBQ. It also depends on how well you maintain it. Although they come with one year warranty, many users report that they last between 5 and 15 years.


And that’s all we wanted to share in our Nexgrill reviews! All and all, Nextgrill offers a pretty good and affordable model, and you shouldn’t have a problem finding the one that suits you best! Thus, we sincerely hope that these Nexgrill reviews 2023 will help you understand which model might be best for your needs! 

So, have you used Nextgrill Portable, Evolution, or any other model? Or is it the first time you’re considering it?

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