camp chef vs traeger pellet grill

Camp Chef Pellet Grill vs Traeger

Pellet grills are best for outdoor cooking as they are versatile. It was invented in the 1970s after the use of wood pellets for generating heat. Jerry Whitfield and Joe Traeger invented a stove works by burning small wood pieces for smoking or grilling or cooking. There are top-rated ones available on the market by many brands. We have come with a Camp Chef pellet grill vs Traeger comparison especially for you! 

All about Pellet Grills

In 1985 when the gas prices were increasing tremendously, John Traeger invented this equipment. In 1986 the Traeger pellet grill was patented. It is equipment for outdoor cooking using little pieces of hardwood. These are put into a hopper and lead to the auger device which puts the pieces into the fire in the cooking chamber. You can control the temperate. The machine works electrically.  This process of cooking is generally considered a health risk. Cooking food in high heat with open fuel burning is a health risk but it is as risky as microwaving or deep frying your food. This particular equipment imposes the same amount of health risk. We will look into pellet grills under 1000 and Camp Chef pellet grill vs Traeger and choose the cheap and affordable one!

Know the Brands: Camp Chef vs Traeger


The Traeger pellet grill is the original brand and was first made in 1985. This brand transformed outdoor cooking. They are highly innovative and trusted globally. 

Camp Chef

This brand started in the 1990s and made products ideal for camping or outdoor people. The Camp Chef pellet grill is the new one here. These are made in the U.S. with Chinese manufacturers. Their products are strong, high quality, and value for money.

Comparing the Two Brands

Now we will dive deep into Camp Chef vs Traeger pellet grill comparison and look for the best! 


We grill or cookout meat in different styles. You can read pellet grill reviews to know the best one suitable for your grilling needs. Different models provide us different experiences of grilling and so we should know the differences in Camp Chef vs Traeger pellet grill.

In Traeger vs Camp Chef, Traeger provides 21 models. From portable to large commercial ones, Traeger has all types for your different needs and wishes.

Camp Chef has 10 models of this equipment of all sizes. This brand also focuses on charcoal and gas ones thus the number of models is less here. 


The winner is Traeger because of their variety of products.

Temperature Range

You need to know three temperatures for cooking meat on the grill. 225 degrees F is required for smoking meat till 500 degrees F. You can also do it at 400 F but not the best temperature.

From the Traeger pellet grills review, it is known that Traeger provides temperature from 180F to 400F. And Camp Chef provides temperature from 160F to 500F. This is one of the main differences in Camp Chef pellet grill vs Traeger.


Camp Chef is the best one is this category as it provides a temperature range where anything can be cooked perfectly.

Temperature Control

In this category for Camp Chef vs Traeger, Traeger provides a variety of temperature control equipment. You can take the temperature as low as 165F and as high as 400F to 500F. From Camp Chef pellet grill reviews it is known that it provides the temperature of the same range as Traeger. You can increase or decrease the temperature by 10F on their dial setting.  


Here Traeger wins by a slight margin because of their temperature control device.

Cooking Area

These two brands provide a nice cooking area for all the cooking needs. But it can be clearly said that Camp Chef provides more cooking space than Traeger.


Here the winner is Camp Chef for more cooking space. You can read more pellet grill reviews and know more about the cooking spaces in both the brands and be sure about which one to get.

Hopper Capacity

It is important for your overall experience. If the hopper is small then you refueling it too often can be monotonous. Camp Chef ones can hold from 18 pounds to 22 pounds of pellets. Whereas Traeger ones can hold up to 18 pounds of wood pieces.


Here the winner is Camp Chef because of their large hopper capacity but makes sure you get the large one for the highest capacity.

Technological Advancements

Traegers have been using technology from the beginning. They do not put the same controller on every device. They keep advancing their heat controllers which are computerized. 

Camp Chef doesn’t make much changes and sticks to their old models. They use the same technology on all the types and the temperate control can be done by 10 degrees.


Here the winner is Traeger for their efforts in making the most from their oldest models.

Additional Features

We need a feature that enhances the entire process of cooking outdoors. These brands provide basic features like side shelves and others. Traeger is technologically advanced and Camp Chef has side burners that use propane. These brands have additional features.


Camp Chef wins as it provides versatile cookers. If we look into woodwind grill vs Traeger, the former being from Camp Chef, you will know more about the cookers and their sophistication.

Overall Comparison Table

Camp ChefTraeger
Pellet Models Available1021
Temperature Ranges160F – 500F /+-10F165F-500F /+-5
Temperature ControlsIncrease or decrease by 10F Flexible temperature control within a range
Top FeaturesSophisticated cooking space; High Hopper CapacityTechnologically Advanced; Flexible Temperature control
Warranty3 years3 years
Overall prosBest quality grillsVariety of models; Affordable
Overall consNot making enough pellet grillsMaking just pellet grills


Traeger is the original one with a variety of models to choose from. Camp Chef is new in this field. But make sure you go through review and ratings and choose the one which suits your needs. 

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