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Pit Boss vs Camp Chef: Which Pellet Grill is Worth Your Money?

Pellet grills have become an absolute necessity these days. Pit Boss vs Camp Chef grills has been an ongoing debate for a long time now. Therefore, keep reading to know which of these two brands will suit your needs the best!

Pit Boss vs Camp Chef: What Kind of Brand Are They?

Main Advantages of Both the Brands

Pit BossCamp Chef
Popular for providing ample storage spaceBased on grill and slide technology
Comes with useful tools like a bottle opener, tool hooks, and spice racksComes with a reliable ash management system
Highly affordable and durableKnown for amazing customer service
Consist of pellet view units in their modelsTheir models have an extended chamber height so as to provide an amazing smoking experience
Manufactures good quality vertical smokers, gas, and charcoal grillsComes with a gen 2PID controller

Pit Boss Brand Overview

Pit Boss is considered as one of the first companies to rise against Traegar in competition. The company was founded in the year 1999 by Dan Thiessen. It is an Alberta based company. 

Camp Chef Brand Overview

Camp Chef is a company founded in the year 1990 in Utah. They have more than 250 products on the market, including pellet grills, fire pits, smokers, BBQ grills, camp stoves, and so on. 

Pit Boss vs Camp Chef: Brands and Products in Details

Best Overall Grill Smoker Combos Comparison

Pit Boss 71820FBCamp Chef SmokePro SG PG24SG
Product dimensions47.91 x 25.28 x 50.24 inches40.5 x 28 x 22 inches
Fuel typeWood pelletsWood pellets
Cooking space820 sq. in.811 sq. in.
Temperature range180-500° F160-650° F
Hopper capacity19 lbs22 lbs
MaterialsPorcelain-coated cooking surface and cast-iron main gridStainless steel firebox and powder-coated steel body
Built-in thermometerYes, on the top of the doorIt has dual in-built thermometers
Wireless technologiesNot availableCompatible with Camp Chef mobile app
Warranty1 year1 year
Notable featuresIt has an LED readout and dial-in digital control. It has a slide plate for indirect as well as direct grillingIt comes with an amazing cleanout system. It too has a slide plate to multiply grilling options

Pit Boss 71820FB Overview

Pit Boss pellet grill has an ample of customer-friendly features like LED digital control and multiple grilling options.


  • LED digital control system
  • Great materials used
  • Slide plate for multiple grilling options


  • Smaller hopper capacity
  • No wireless technologies available

Camp Chef SmokePro SG PG24SG Overview

This is an amazing grill that saves a lot of time and energy needed for cleaning ashes. With a larger hopper capacity and temperature range, it has remarkable fame in pellet grill reviews.


  • Cleanout system for cleaning all ashes 
  • Dual thermometers  to measure the temperature of multiple foods at a time
  • More hopper capacity


Pit Boss vs Camp Chef: Best Budget Grills Comparison 

Pit Boss 700FB Pellet GrillCamp Chef Smoke Pro Se
Product dimensions24.8 x 22.05 x 43.11 inches41 x 25 x 23 inches
Fuel typeWood pelletsWood pellets
Cooking space700 sq. in.429 sq. in.
Temperature range180-500° F160-500° F
Hopper capacity18 lbs18 lbs
MaterialsThe porcelain-coated cast-iron main gridHeavy-duty steel body
Built-in thermometerYesYes
Wireless technologiesNot availableCompatible with Camp Chef mobile app
Warranty1 year1 year
Notable featuresIt has a digital system that lets you control the temperature better. It has an additional rackSteel body increases durability. It has an easy cleanout system

Pit Boss 700FB Pellet Grill Overview

According to the best grill reviews, this is one of the top-rated cheap grills that offer a good range of temperature and a decent amount of cooking space.


  • Porcelain and cast-iron coated grids
  • Digital temperature control
  • Extra racks


  • Not portable
  • Doesn’t support wireless technology 

Camp Chef Smoke Pro Se Overview

This Camp Chef pellet grill has a durable steel body and a cleanout system to make the grilling process easy. It is also known for providing an uneven cooking process.



  • Unfit for windy days.
  • Stored pellets get damaged due to moisture.

Pit Boss vs Camp Chef: Best Luxury Grills Comparison

Pit Boss Austin XLCamp Chef Woodwind
Product dimensions62.4 x 25.79 x 28.23 inches30 x 69 x 49 inches
Fuel typeWood pelletsWood pellets
Cooking space1000 sq. in.811 sq. in.
Temperature range150-500° F160-500° F
Hopper capacity31 lbs22 lbs
MaterialsPorcelain, stainless steel, and copperPowder-coated steel and stainless steel
Built-in thermometerYesYes
Wireless technologiesCan connect with a wireless thermometer.Compatible with Camp Chef mobile app, wireless thermometer, and Wi-Fi features.
Warranty1 year1 year
Notable featuresExtra-large hopper capacity. Allows direct flame grillingWi-Fi feature helps it stay ahead in market rating. A sear box can be attached as per preference

Pit Boss Austin XL Overview

According to the Pit Boss reviews, this is one of the most reliable products manufactured by them. It has a huge cooking space as well as a large hopper capacity to impress the users.


  • Enormous cooking space
  • Large hopper capacity


Camp Chef Woodwind Overview

This is one of the most elegant and best pellet grills ever manufactured. It has all impressive features stacked in it, starting from a good amount of cooking space to supporting a Wi-Fi technology.



  • Smaller hopper capacity

Verdict and Recommendations 2021

We hope this article was able to help you know a lot about Pit Boss vs Camp Chef grill. Now that you know so much about these two brands, which pellet grill brand are you planning to buy for yourself? Do tell us!

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