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How Many Ribs To Cook For Each Person?

Ribs are the soul of any party and having the right amount is of utmost importance because who wants to waste ribs? And if they fall short, your image as a host could be hampered. 

Don’t be surprised if we say there are ways to calculate how many ribs per person you should be thinking about. There are certain meat planning guidelines that you should follow and in this article, we are gonna discuss all of that. So, stop guessing the number of ribs per person and learn math. Just kidding! It ain’t no rocket science but just basic calculation. 

Meat Planning: General Guidelines

There are certain rules that you will be needed to follow while you are calculating how many ribs per person should you prepare. Now, these are not slatted on stone and results may slightly differ from time to time. Let’s say if some of your guests don’t turn up or some do not wish to eat. Even then, if you religiously follow the guidelines you will be on a much safer side of the bet.  

Measurements to Use When Cooking For A Crowd

When you are cooking for a bulk of people, planning right is very crucial, as well as safe cooking with maintaining specific temperatures. The average serving of meat for an adult should be half a pound or quarter of a kilo. According to the number of guests, you have to decide how many pounds of ribs per person will you need. 

In case you are serving drinks, calculate two drinks for each person per hour. In that crowd you may have a pregnant lady who has forsaken alcohol and an uncle who goes at a doubled speed, so they balance out each other. 

The whole idea of calculating an average is precisely this. 

Important Factors That You Must Consider

There are certain factors that need to be taken into account while you are trying to decide how many pounds of ribs per person you are going to order.  

  • The first and foremost is what else do you have on your menu. If there are other dishes that are heavy or several light snacks-like items you would wanna cut down on the meat because evidently, starters are gonna make people less hungry once they reach the main course. In this cause you may need to keep bbq safe and delicious.
  • If your party is a lunch or dinner party and how long do you intend to stretch it. Long hours mean your guests would wanna eat more. Also remember, people eat more for dinner than lunch. 
  • Count the heads of guests and how many of them are men, women, and children. Children will eat way less than adults. So if you count them all together, there is a high possibility that a lot of your meat would go waste. 
  • There are different types of ribs in the market and which one you pick should also be taken into consideration. 

How Many Ribs to Serve Per Person 

One whole rack bears 12 ribs, different types of ribs will have different sizes and thus servings will differ. For instance, if you are calculating how many baby back ribs per person you should buy, the number will be completely different from full-grown back ribs. 

Consider if you are serving the ribs as the main part of the meal or as an accompaniment. Here’s a guide that you may follow if you plan to keep the ribs as the main course.

  • For baby back ribs, count six ribs for each person. 
  • In case you are serving spare ribs, assign four or five for each guest.
  • For beef back ribs, two or three per guest should suffice.
  • Besides the above points, make sure you have diligently taken into consideration the age, sex, and food habits (vegan or not) of your guests. 

What About Other Meat?

Meat TypeAmount Per Adult
BrisketHalf a pound 
Pork Half a pound
Pulled porkFive ounces 
Chicken Four to five ounces
Steak Three-fourth of a pound
Salmon Three-fourth of a pound to one pound

Barbeque Planning Tips and Tricks

  • Prep your food prior to the arrival of your guests because once they come, you will not have enough time. 
  • Make sure you have enough wood for smoking ribs. You must not fall short of wood. 
  • Light up your backyard. 
  • Keep the environment both kid-friendly and suitable for adults. 

Final Word

So you see, calculating how many ribs per person you should serve is not difficult, is it? Next time when you plan your backyard party keep these guidelines in mind and you can never go wrong. Make the best barbeque pork ribs and baffle your guests with awesome hospitality and cooking skills.  

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